~ Natural Fiction ~


For some years I have been exploring landscape as a subject through different works, but my real interest is to question the concepts that we have about reality and its perception.


I have been using photography in the Natural Fiction series because of the sense of reality that photography comprises. This becomes a paradox, because the photographs show the evidence of a real space, but the fictional landscapes I create are showing the contrary. Consequently, the final image is a fiction that produces a new reality.


These images in some cases recreate impossible landscapes, games of presence and absence, that constantly question the limits of the viewer’s perception. When I choose the photographs for a new composition I expect that these images transcend the simple photographic medium, operating like the material for a collage.


I like the moment when a place finds its pair in another geographic space, because for me landscape is already a constructed idea.

Paisaje #37

Richmond Train Station+ Olympic Park MELBOURNE. 2011


Paisaje #34

Richmond + Royal Botanical Gardens MELBOURNE. 2011


Paisaje #31

The Arts Centre + South Yarra MELBOURNE. 2011


Paisaje #29

South Yarra + Cremorne MELBOURNE. 2011


Paisaje #24

East Melbourne VIC - Paddington Reservoir SYDNEY. 2011


Paisaje #21

Cotiza + Parque Central CARACAS. 2006


Paisaje #16

Cotiza + Buenos Aires ARGENTINA. 2006


Paisaje #15

Buenos Aires. ARGENTINA  + Puerto Ordaz VENEZUELA. 2006


Paisaje #12

Marrickville Sydney + El Avila CARACAS. 2011


Paisaje #11

Marrickville Sydney + El Avila CARACAS. 2011


Paisaje #4

Royal Botanical Gardens + Olympic Park MELBOURNE. 2011


Paisaje #3

Cremorne + Richmond MELBOURNE. 2011


Paisaje #2

La Rinconada + Parque de Este. CARACAS. 2006